Join us: we are Draper, Together!

BE Draper Together.

Join our community: be Draper Together!

Draper Together at Draper Hall shows what can be done if the community comes together to strengthen and support each other at a time of great change and regeneration. We want to grow together, to stretch out a neighbourly hand to improve lives and amplify the voices of residents who are not being heard, empowering them to help themselves.

Our Mission

Join us: we are Draper, Together! Draper Together's mission is to join together through a collective effort, to provide what the community needs; where taking part develops us as valued members of society. We want to stretch out a neighbourly hand to build unity where there is division and work together to lift up our community.

We welcome all those who feel alone or excluded, whether they are new residents or have lived in the Elephant and Castle for a long time; by offering a place of inclusion and optimism.

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Draper Together is an Association CIO, (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) which means all those who live on the Draper Estate are members whether they are a council tenant, leaseholder or private tenant.

We also reach out to the local Elephant and Castle neighbourhood and to people across London, the UK and internationally through the social and cultural activities we hold at our community hub, Draper Hall.


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