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Post-Psychoanalysis - Part 3 (final): Sorcery & Trance

Sorcery and Trance:

Join us at 7pm on Thursday 22nd February, for an evening of presentations and discussions that will explore the potential for the uses of trance, and of sorcery, in the psychoanalytic encounter. 

Psychoanalysis could be described as merely another chapter in the history of trance, just as the psychoanalytic conception of the unconscious is simply one of many interpretations of the occult, namely that which is hidden from view. The talking cure shares much with mystical practices of mind control, but this is, undoubtedly, only half the story. The psychoanalyst is not simply the shaman, the magician, or the witch.

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Matt Lee is a philosopher and a sorcerer. He practices sorcery on a regular basis, sometimes in group-work as well as on his own, or with his partner. In his solitary practice, he has been following a loosely Sabbatic practice for over a decade. Matt is also a member of a political activist group called Plan C.

Chris Oakley has been a psychoanalyst, supervisor and teacher for over 45 years. He is a founder member of the SITE for Contemporary Psychoanalysis and former member of the Philadelphia Association, where he worked with R D Laing. He is also the author of Football Delirium.