Our Mission

Join our community: be Draper Together!

Draper Together is a charity promoting community cohesion by providing opportunities to the residents of the Draper Estate and their neighbours in Elephant and Castle, London SE1.

Draper Together breaks down social and cultural barriers, tackling inequalities through events and activities, which increase understanding between different communities and groups.

Draper Together brings people together to celebrate and respect our differences and builds a foundation of optimism in our community by improving confidence and wellbeing of underprivileged individuals so that they feel their contribution to the wider society is valued.

Draper Together enables early intervention through education to take preventative action for people in our community who are experiencing poor health or are involved in anti-social behaviour.   


Our Vision

Draper Together aims to build a stronger community through social regeneration, by tackling inequalities, improving residents’ self-confidence, mental health and welfare by acting as a bridge between the new and old communities of the Elephant and Castle neighbourhood and utilising culture and the arts as an instrument for change.

Draper Together at Draper Hall is for everyone in our community to have a space to feel welcome and enjoy equal access to social and cultural opportunity and lifelong learning.

Draper Together will improve access to opportunity by addressing anti-social behaviour head-on, through education, skills-based learning and social inclusion for all.